Thrown-Out Bones
6. May 2022 By Walter Price 0

…no holding onto you, THROWN-OUT BONES Come Home

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Thrown-Out Bones

by Walter Price

The San Francisco trio Thrown-Out Bones is quite the experience. Firstly, this art collective is crafting music unharmed by any sense of overproduction or studio wizardry. Making their sound and lyrics all the more tactile and sincere. Secondly, their social media posts show a group of friends in a never-ending search to smile and find the next adventure. What a treat to see joyfulness being had by artists in this burgeoning post-pandemic era.

In this review, I want to take you back to last year. May, to be exact. When the group (Liliana Urbain, Nick Chang, and Sam Miller), dropped their beautiful ode to, “… believing in someone and the love and heartbreak that comes with seeing them break free.”.

In a Facebook post dated May 8, 2021, Thrown-Out Bones had this to say about “Come Home“, “In the midst of the pandemics, politics, canceled tours, and interpersonal growth we found this song. Though originally born on the road, Come Home became so much more in the studio. It was a sonic space we could confide in. A place we could feel and process loss and heartbreak and loneliness and hold desperately to love and dreaming. And now, we offer it to you as a remembering that, yeah, we didn’t get to rock out this year in the way we wanted, but we’re still connected and loving on you.”

This song has the vibe of the narrator recounting a personal memory. And every once in a while Urbain’s vocals crack under the weight of the song’s truths. Which will cause you to immediately realize that the lyrics are taken straight from lived experiences. But truth be told, we’ve all had to say let someone go. So here we are, with a song to soundtrack the next goodbye.

But wait, there’s more. The band recently featured on an episode of Jam in the Van, they have a podcast called Bones & Brews, and they’ve announced a brand new tour that kicks off on June 1st. So much winning!

Great band, good vibes, and indelible songs, what else do ya need… You can stream “Come Home”, here at the GTC.


Band photo via Facebook // Quotes via Facebook and Bandcamp

Liliana Urbain
Nick Chang
Sam Miller

Recording/Mixing – Tony Leong
Mastering – Coast Mastering
Single Art – Aerose Art

website // facebook // instagram

“On stage, the joy they have playing together is infectious and electric, manifesting their signature spontaneity.  Whether it be improvising songs about a member of the audience or inviting them onstage to sing lead, Thrown-Out Bones rides the electricity of a live crowd and encourages fans to drive what each show looks and sounds like. There is no place for the fourth wall at a Thrown-Out Bones show.” – bio

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