J.P. Kallio Northern Boy
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J.P. Kallio – ‘Northern Boy

“In a sea of singer songwriters thrives a voice someplace between Dave King, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits or perhaps within the sonic walls these names have built up.  This voice belongs to well traveled Dublin based Finnish expat with the name J.P. Kallio. A man who finds comfort and, seemingly, ease in transitioning between music genres. Frontman of the beer stained garage punk outfit Boneyard Bastards and the veteran folk greatness Sliotar. Kallio is an artist after my own musical heart. Not letting falsely imposed boundaries inhibit him in navigating varied styles of sounds and verse. A hands on craftsman who has taken control of his art’s destiny. Passion, the occasional wink-and-a-smile and always with homegrown goodness.” – Walter Price (The GTC)

Johnny Cash – ‘Out Among The Stars
How did you rediscover this lost music?
Well, my parents always kept everything—they were sort of packrats. Throughout their life together, of course they recorded lots of different music. Dad was always creative throughout his life. Even through the 1970s and 1980s, when perhaps the fans weren’t as excited about what he was doing, he was very prolific. From the year that they built their office here in Hendersonville, Tennessee, they stuffed various items into the vault there—from a saddle from the Prince of Saudi Arabia for a camel, to the keys to every city in the United States. They continued to put things away.
When they passed away it became necessary for us to go through these things. There was a lot of what some people may term junk. Of course none of it was junk, but there were these great treasures. Working with [producer] Steve Burkowitz and the other guys at Sony, we tried to decipher what out of this music was something that’s beautiful. We don’t want to release anything that is not important, does not have a heart to it, and is not something I believe dad would have wanted released. 
The songs were recorded during a time period where dad … you know, Sony wasn’t excited about Johnny Cash in the 1980s. After the majority of recordings were done in 1984, Columbia dropped my father. Looking back now, you see the beauty that was Johnny Cash. He never stopped being creative; I think it just took a while for the world to catch up with him. But anyway, these recordings are of the essence, a part of my father’s life that not many people know about. (Interview W/ John Carter Cash by Walter Scott Parade)

Tokyo Police Club – ‘Forcefield

“Album three, Forcefield, brings with it a more deliberate sort of polish; it’s as if the band’s studio skill—it’s produced by Doug Boehm and the band’s own singer-guitarist David Monks—has caught up to its sonic desires. There’s still a playful punkishness in evidence, but also a clearer eye toward the shiniest pop, something TPC has always secretly been good at. It’s easy to imagine a band meeting in which somebody said, “You know what? Let’s just go for it,” and everybody else solemnly agreed. How “it” is defined for Forcefield: no fear of big choruses and clean sounds.” – Josh Modell (avclub.com)
Circa Zero – ‘Circus Hero(Andy Summers / Rob Giles)
“Although in no way an attempt to imitate the sounds of The Police or The Rescues, it is easy to be taken back to the sounds of Andy Summer’s time with The Police and that distinctive guitar style that appears throughout many of the songs. Both have brought their collective experiences to the table and have combined years of talent into an easy to listen to album which has an upbeat, energetic feel to it…Circus Hero is a fantastic album with an intensity to it that will make you want to groove. Due for release on Mar 28, do yourself a favour and but this album. It’s not only for fans of The Police or The Rescues, but Circa Zero are in a league of their own musically and talent wise. Two of the best in the industry have thankfully stumbled across each other and Circus Hero is the result-some things were just meant to be!” – Darren Hassan (glamadelaide.com)

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