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Things You Can Buy Today 15 October 2013

‘Magpie and the Dandelion’ 

Here are some albums you may want to pick up today…Happy Listening!

Album Release Links:

“Songs like “Open Ended Life” and “Skin and Bones” present a folk version of rock’s wall-of-sound approach. Instead of a nuanced give and take between banjo and guitar and drums, we get them all at once, side by side, vying for attention. With proper mixing it works on these hardened-heart love songs.” – Ron Harris (AP)
“It’s mildly amusing that the double-disc re-issue of “SR&R” will feature “Pax-Am Days,” a new, 8-song collection of ‘80s-leaning punk tunes that Ryan Adams produced and that FOB steamrolls through in under 14 minutes. Does the band think its least-rocking album needs a sidekick to remind everyone of the early days? You know what? Who cares? “Pax-Am Days” may not necessarily capture the local chart-toppers doing what they do best—I admit a personal and passionate bias here toward the group’s hook-driven material (yes, including “Take This to Your Grave”), which obviously isn’t what punk’s all about—but it contains the authentic forward motion of musicians with versatile abilities.” – Matt Pais (RedEyeChicago.com)
You’re not going to miss anything at work today, so go out and visit the record shops…

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