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Dam-Funk & Snoopzilla

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“In comparison to Dâm-Funk’s masterful debut album, Toeachizown — which, at points, bore some New Wave influences à la Prince — the primary point of reference here is George Clinton’s cosmic slop, a rich vein of funk that Snoopzilla has been feeding on throughout his career. 7 Days of Funk reestablishes the mothership connection between the hyperhuman sprawl of Los Angeles and a higher self zooming around in interstellar space. Dâm-Funk clearly enjoys the ungainly wallop of vintage rhythm boxes, which clomp along with all their human-aping imprecisions, while stargazing synthesizer pads smear petroleum jelly on the lens.” – Brandon Bussolini (npr.com)
“Whiskey & Lace starts with all four of the songs on Krystal’s EP presented in the same order. Toby co-wrote all of these except “Daddy Dance With Me,” and subsequently, his influence is stronger here than on any of the project’s newer material. Krystal leans into the lines on “What Did You Think I’d Do” with a melody reminiscent of Toby’s “God Love Her” while “Doin’ It” makes its mark as a fun summertime anthem with tempos and pacing reminiscent of her father. Krystal spreads out on the album’s back half, however, where she takes chances with a confident and striking voice.” – Daryl Addison (gactv.com)
“It’s hard for a new band to build up much of a buzz this time of year, when every music writer on the internet is stressing over year-end lists or whatever. And yet here come Boston mosh-funk weirdos Guerilla Toss, who are bringing that old screechy Need New Body DIY spazz-attack style into the new decade in a big way.” – Tom Breihan (stereogum.com)

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