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The Jam Vinyl Set

The Jam’s Studio Recordings Vinyl Boxset
Out 25 November

Let’s say you’l have an extra $150 (US) for purchasing something cool for yourself for the holidays.

Well, Paul Weller, has posted all the details of the up-coming The Jam – Studio Recordings vinyl box set.

Yeah, this thing is going to have all six studio albums plus two albums full of rarities. Like B-sides and other recordings from The Jam! Are you foaming from the mouth yet?!

There will also be a deluxe hardback book with the set. Stuffed full of photos, liner notes and other this and thats. Oh, and Paul Weller wrote the introduction! 

Okay, maybe you already have most of these things but if you don’t Shazam!

Who didn’t rock All Mod Cons and/or In The City as a kid? Yeah, good times man. I am a bit excited about this set. 

But don’t think there will be any sort of The Jam reunion in the future. Weller recently had these comments about any band reformation:

“It Would Be absurb …I take my hat off to people like the Stones but it’s not for me. I couldn’t do that. Jagger is brilliant and long may he rock. I couldn’t make my career out of old songs, it would do my head in.”  – Paul Weller (The Sun)

Here are the details…

‘In The City’
‘This Is The Modern World’
‘All Mod Cons’
‘Setting Sons’
‘Sound Effects’
‘The Gift’

Extras-Special Singles: 1977 – 1982 (Volume One)
Extras-Special Singles: 1977 – 1982 (Volume Two)

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I enjoy this version here..