The Blank Tapes
18. October 2015 By Walter Price 0

The Blank Tapes Sha-La-Love

The Blank Tapes

artwork by matt adams

Somebody somewhere to share your point of view…
by Walter Price   Matt Adam’s The Blank Tapes have another collection of rarities or “lost” tracks assembled into a great new release Sha-La-Love (Dome Of Doom Records). I love it when Adams gets experimental, freaky and trippy and such like parts of HWY 9 but where the California growing legend is best is when he stones-out the sounds of late 60’s AM radio pop, rock and psych. The new album is an all-in DIY underground pop wonder created near solo by the maestro himself. With the participation of drummer Will Halsey on four tracks and some like-a-glove vocal pairings by Pearl Charles and Veronica Bianqui on a couple tracks this album is all Adams through and through and sure many artists handle multi-instrumented productions on their own but there is a sense of many on Sha-La-Love. It is so rich with calm, thoughts about love, questions, peaceful musings, unique perspectives you’d think many a smoky late night studio pow-wows were at hand during production. With 18 cohesive take it easy grooved tracks I am reluctant to choose any standout sounds but I will say “Somebody Somewhere” (ft Pearl Charles), “I Love, I’m Sorry, Goodbye” and “I Wanna Make It Right With You” are soundtrack ready and stand to exemplify the many strengths Matt Adams has perfected over his prolific and lengthy career. To get the full picture or sounds as it is, check out the previous two releases in The Blank Tapes cassette trilogy Sleepy EP and Slow Easy Death also via Dome Of Doom Records.   The Blank Tapes: Facebook / Website / Twitter / Bandcamp  

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