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TAXES 3 Video Reasons Why

Taxes bandby Walter Price


The band Taxes (Breakup Record) are becoming known for their bombastic pop rock à la the Snow Patrol, Keane and Tired Pony but what strikes me as interesting is not just their remarkable assembly of stellar lyrics and sweet to the taste compositions, it’s their music videos as well.

These, I assume, aren’t high budget affairs but they hit home with brilliant layouts in tones and textures that snuggle like a good glove the songs they represent. There is something brilliant, something community about not rushing to your own ends, utilizing your surroundings and getting the atmospheres correct.

Here are 3 video Reasons Taxes.


Also latch onto their Bandcamp page and hear what you’ve been missing…


TAXES Website / Facebook / Bandcamp

Video Credits (via YouTube)

This is the unofficial release of our first video. we wanted to get it out there now, as we have a new record that will be released shortly. this is the first song off of our last record, “It’s Always Something”. this video was made with the help of so many incredibly talented people, one of the most to be named in due time. The others are as follows and we can’t thank them enough: corey evans, michael david rose, jon knox, alex rapine, kay wamser, monika shaham, cary cronholm, nicole slovinic, brandon moore, and, of course, phil!!!
thanks for listening/watching.


Video Credits (via YouTube)

Directed by Frank Door.
Director of Photography: Ben Casias
Styling & Design: Emily Gureyeva


Video Credits (via YouTube)
Video by 12FPS:
Dwight Burks – Producer
Jose Hernandez – Producer
Seth Fuller – Director/DP
Tsering Norbu – Camera Assistant
Sam Jack – PA
Winston Merchan – AD
Justin Lanelutter – Writer
Adam Kennedy – VFX
Frank Slodysko – Editor


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