falling apart
18. November 2016 By Walter Price 0

Strobegirl Falling Apart

Falling Apart is the somber new single from UK’s synth-pop voice Strobegirl.

falling apart

by Walter Price


Croydon’s Heather-Jane Strobegirl has been known and is familiar for her personal approach to songwriting. Often manipulating, perhaps twisting and weaving darker subjects in light vocals and arrangements, but the singer-songwriter is pulling no punches with her new synth-pop single “Falling Apart”.

An atmospheric track that from opening vocals you can feel a sense the storyteller’s voice will crumble under the pressure at any moment. The forever attractiveness of sad songs is prevalent here and Strobegirl is wearing experiences on her sleeves.

Here is what Strobegirl had to tell me about the track, “Falling Apart is about a relationship on the brink. It’s about being shut out by an emotionally cold person and trying to reach them again. The relationship didn’t start out this way. It deteriorated over time to this point but it could go either way. Asking if we’re falling apart means there’s hope, the answer could be, “No we’re not falling apart it’s just a bad patch!” I like to think that she reaches out to him and he rethinks his behaviour and tells her he still loves her. I’m sure they have a happy ending…

“As with all my songs there’s an element of personal experience but I tend to take a situation or feeling and build a story around that rather than it being about a specific person or relationship.

“Like previous work , veers toward the sad. I do like to explore the sadder emotions I have to say. Feedback from my fans indicates that my work that touches on difficult and sadder subject matter is something that resonates with a lot of them.  I guess basically life and relationships can be tough!”


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