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28. April 2020 By Walter Price 0

From town to town, VIDEO: WHO CAN SLEEP – Sprinklers are Running in the Rain

Who Can Sleep – Sprinklers are Running in the Rain, is available at Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

What strange times we’re living in. We’re finding ourselves in a new world, locked down, seeing with new eyes. And if you’re lucky, perhaps you find yourself sequestered with totally different generations and both eras discover new energy, love, and will. All the while realizing that our souls can not resurface on the other side of all this unscathed. And if you’re Dean Vivirito and Lex Helgerson of Who Can Sleep, you’ll use all these experiences to write another beautiful life-affirming song. As well as create a homegrown film that lets life’s beauty shine.

As songwriter Helgerson discussed with me, “Our shared experience of following shelter in place orders makes everything slow down. I like to think John Prine would appreciate slowing down. We were following his health, and hospital stay, and it’s strange how the death of someone you don’t even know can hit you. He’s a huge inspiration.

“Living with my 89-year-old grandmother also slows you down, in a good way. There are generational differences between us, and it’s interesting to reflect on them. She’s lived in this house for 58 years, and it hasn’t changed much. It fascinates me.

“We’ve been here with her since February 1st and her change in mood is remarkable. Just having people around to talk to regularly and share meals with reminds you how important human connection is. As for the video, she’s a natural. She was game for everything and even drove the car down the block while Dean filmed me with the hatch open. We feel very lucky to be with her, especially right now.”

How is your life-changing? Check out the joyful tear-inducing DIY film for “Sprinklers are Running in the Rain”, below. A film dedicated to John Prine and all victims of the Coronavirus.

Sprinklers are Running in the Rain

Song by Who Can Sleep
Dedicated to John Prine and all victims of the Coronavirus
Written by Lex Helgerson
Produced by Dean Vivirito
Video shot by Dean & Lex
Featuring Jackie Bates, Toru Okada & The Bates Motel
On set driver: Jackie Bates
Special thanks to Bob and Jackie Bates

Band photo by Charlie Chipman

sprinklers are running

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John Prine died on a full moon night
I felt the needle cut through my eye
From town to town we all shelter inside
Are you praying like grandma and me
To the Angel from Montgomery
Are you praying like grandma and me cuz the sprinklers are running in the rain…

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