Pauline Andrès
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In Her Own Words: Songwriter Pauline Andrès on her track “Drive Like Steve McQueen”

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Songwriter Pauline Andrès



“I wrote that one after a huge fight with my ex. I just felt that urge to fix things. Drive over to him and make it all okay again. That feeling of urgency, of speed, brought the chorus line. I wrote it in a few minutes then forgot it for over a year in a drawer. In the studio, it became much more of a rock song than I planned it to be and I thought of dropping it because of that. But there were already too many songs being cut (I started with 24) and this one belongs to the story too much. Also, it forces me to start a tradition of one famous dead person per album.”



Songwriter Pauline Andrès

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(Quote comes from Pauline Andrès Track x Track The Heart Breaks)

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