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20. June 2018 By Walter Price 0

Pump the Funky Single: Smokey Brights – “In Demand” (Hot Candy)

Smokey Brights – ‘Hot Candy’ is available on iTunes.

smokey brights

by Walter Price


I was sent this video in a WhatsApp chat the other day, and, whoa, dynamite. Seatle’s funky rockers Smokey Brights utilize a brew of historic sounds in concocting their fresh retro flavor. This single, “In Demand”, from their 2016 release ‘Hot Candy’, kicks things off with an ominous synth vamp quickly transitioning into a funky bass line that would find higher ground in any of Stevie Wonder’s 1970’s greatness. Then, things go absolutely rock n roll bananas…

Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Devlin delivers a style reminiscent of the bubblegumness of Warm Soda with the glam-edge of Sweet. Then, in a move that transcends conventions, band co-founder, Kim West (vocalist/keyboardist) enters and takes this funky track into 80’s synth-pop territories. The rhythm, the full band chant driving this track deeper into your soul causing involuntary dance moves. It’s truly wild.

The Norman Tumolva directed video (below) is a psychedelic marvel adding to the vast array of sounds and aesthetics “In Demand” artistically is. If you’ve been looking for something retro but isn’t mimicry this is your hero.

Smokey Brights have a more recent EP, ‘Come To Terms’ (Freakout Records), available on iTunes. We’ll be digging into it in a forthcoming review.



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Directed/Edited/SFX by Norman Tumolva
From the album “Hot Candy” – Freakout Records
Smokey Brights are:
Ryan Devlin –Lead Vocals, Guitar
Kim West – Keys, Vocals
Michael Kalnoky – Guitar, Vocals
Jim Vermillion – Bass, Vocals
Nicholas Krivchenia – Drums
Special Thanks to Ryan Middleton


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