8. March 2019 By Walter Price 0

A Prog Is Alive WKND SPIN: Sloth & Turtle – ‘Sloth & Turtle’ EP

Sloth & Turtle are available @ iTunes. Sloth and Turtle by Walter Price   Before you in the know get all up in my apparent naivete, I’m certainly aware that there is a modern prog-rock scene. But I do marvel a bit that musicians in their 20-somethings would pick up and further the art-rock movement forged by the brilliance of Procol Harum, Rush, and Soft Machine. I also get a kick of delight that a group out of Santa Rosa, California is honoring this genre so beautifully. The outfit is Sloth & Turtle and their self-titled EP is a technical marvel. But what these cats do, that many forget, is they weave in a heaping dose of exuberance. With hints of garage, metal, emo, and plenty of whimsy intricately intertwined, this is an EP well worth your weekend spin. Before you add this to your playlist, check out Red Fox Productions’ video for the lead track, “Toys”, below.  


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Produced by Sloth & Turtle Recording Engineers: Jaime Alan Wosk (JAW studios) and Nick Botelho (NB Recording) Mixing Engineer: Jaime Alan Wosk Mastering Engineer: Kris Crummett Guitars: Nico Molinari and Jaime Alan Wosk Bass: Brian Kincaid Drums: Linden Reed Cello: Linden Reed Keyboards: Jaime Alan Wosk Tenor Sax: “Toys are Back in Town” by Nick Tudor Electronics/Synth Effects: Noah Latham-Ponneck and Nico Molinari

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