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Skarlett Riot We Are The Brave

We Are The Brave is just crackling with power…skarlett riot


by Maria Haskins


A couple of years ago I reviewed UK band Skarlett Riot’s debut album Tear Me Down, and I finished my review with this: “…Skarlett Riot skillfully harnesses its fierce fighting spirit and explosive energy, creating a raw and powerful rocker of an album. Doubtlessly, time and experience will hone and sharpen this band’s skills further”. Well, I just love it when I’m right: the band’s follow-up to that release – the five-track EP We Are The Brave – proves that this is a band that is only getting stronger.

Skarlett Riot’s fighting spirit and explosive energy is still very much there, and the band seems to be even more confident and in control of its considerable musical- and vocal forces. The end result? We Are The Brave is five tracks of full-on fire and fury, propelled by some serious hard-rocking power.

As I listen to this EP, that one word – “power” – keeps popping into my head. We Are The Brave is just crackling with power, from the outstanding drumming that just about knocks the wind out of you, to the rib-shaking bass, to the ferociously fantastic guitar-work, to Skarlett’s strong an expressive vocals.

First track “Divide Us” is a stunner, and might be my favourite track on the EP: a relentless, fully charged rocker with skarlett riotthe guitars and drums launching it into the stratosphere.

“Cascade” is all musical speed and muscle; while “Wake Up” slows down just a bit, revealing more emotion in both the passionate vocals and the guitar-work. I really like this track: there’s a glimmer of hopefulness in Skarlett’s voice and the lyrics, peeking out beneath the intensity and desperation.

On “Rising” the guitar and drums just grab you by the throat from the get-go and don’t let go – it’s a rock’n’roll bullet, all blistering speed and with a red-hot guitar solo for an added layer of awesome.

Final track “Are You Alive” is a heavy barrage of thundering drums, brawny bass, and more of that great guitar just roaring into your chest, taking the last bit of your breath away.

Skarlett Riot has come up with a very impressive follow-up to their terrific debut album. With well-crafted lyrics that go far beyond paint-by-numbers, and with music that flashes with a sharp and searing energy, this is a hard-rocking release not to be missed.


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  1. Divide Us
  2. Cascade
  3. Wake Up
  4. Rising
  5. Are You Alive


  • Skarlett : lead vocals, guitars
  • Danny: guitars, backing vocals
  • Martin Shepherd: bass, backing vocals
  • Luke: drums

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