Scott Walker
26. March 2019 By Walter Price 0

In His Own Songwriter’s Words: SCOTT WALKER on lyrics

“His records are some of the most important ever, for me. He was also fantastic with words – sometimes quite opaque with them – and I’m really fascinated by that.” – Damon Albarn

Scott Walker

“I feel the lyric will always guide you to what to do with the music. Get the lyric right, everything else will follow” (The Guardian)


This night you are mistaken
I’m a farmer in the city
Dark farm houses ‘gainst the sky
Every night I must wonder why
Harness on the left nail
Keeps wrinkling, wrinkling
Then higher above me
Esau, esau
Can’t go by a man from Rio
Go buy a man from Vigo
Can’t go by a man from Ostia
Hey Ninetto
Remember that dream?
We talked about it so many times



1943 – 2019


“I’ve always been fascinated by his story – ditching pop fame to make those solo records. It’s the kind of trajectory we can all only wish for – moving closer and closer to the rush of the waterfall until you see every tiny drop of mist as large as the galaxy. He was the definition of uncompromising. with himself, his art, the world.” -Bill Callahan


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