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26. July 2016 By Walter Price 0

Sara Watkins Young In All The Wrong Ways

sara watkinsSara Watkins Young In All The Wrong Ways (out now)


by Walter Price


You know that sudden feeling you encounter when you reach for a glass of water, take a swig and it’s whiskey in the glass?

Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) has a new solo album called Young In All The Wrong Ways and while I was expecting something fully bluegrass or stripped down folk, from the first sip of the title track, my sonic taste buds went into shock and immediate acceptance.

This album is textually someplace between Emma Swift and Sally Grayson. Heartbreak is the recurring theme and sad songs are so brilliantly hard to do correctly but Watkins is a master on Young In All The Wrong Ways. personal experiences laid out in tracks cradled in perfectly blended genres showcasing the storyteller’s vast knowledge and respect for the music she’s trusted to carry her tales.

On Young In All The Wrong Ways the musicianship is beyond expectations and speaks volumes for itself.


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