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9. September 2019 By Walter Price 0

A Roots & Vision VIDEO: BILLY MOMO – “Can’t Stop Thinking About New Orleans”

Roots & Vision / “Can’t Stop Thinking About New Orleans” are avail @ Apple Music.

roots & vision

by Walter Price

From their stunning, if not drastically underrated, ‘Roots & Vision’, Billy Momo has released a new single. “Can’t Stop Thinking About New Orleans” isn’t an exact ode to The Crescent City, but it is a rich and somber beauty. Delivered in a tone reminiscent of Shane MacGowan, the track laments on the heaviness of promises and memories made.

In a Facebook post, the band has said, “Can’t stop thinking about New Orleans” is not actually really a song about the Big Easy, but most of the material for this video was shot there, during Mardi Gras festival last year.
It’s a moody piece, we know. But tears – and/or whatever expression you may choose for your sentimentality – are good for the soul! Hope you’ll enjoy it, tell us how you feel about it!”

Well, we feel as we do with most of Billy Momo’s works. Amazed by the tactile power, love, and realism that goes into their music…and you will as well. And you can watch the DIY film for the single, shot on location, below.


Tomas ´Barba Rosso´ Juto
Oskar ‘Orren Ishee´ Hovell
Tony´Gramps´ Lind
Mårten ´Hotlips` Forssman
Oscar ´the Head´ Harryson
Christopher ´the Coffa´ Anderzon
Andreas ´Preacher Man´ Prybil

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