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10. May 2017 By Walter Price 0

ALERT: Song Talks with Richard Marx

Richard Marx from pop star to future podcast giant.

Richard Marx

by Walter Price


Famous for a healthy string of classic rock-tinged pop hits over the years, Richard Marx is on the next leg of his career. Marx recently launched Song Talks with Richard Marx on the PodcastOne Network and almost surprisingly, it is instantly one of the most entertaining programs in the genre.

Marx natural interview style is clearly derived from his years of constant on the other side of the interview table chats with radio types. He slips in a few hacky questions towards the end of the shows that poke earnest fun at the silly questions hurled his way in the past. “What song (or music) was playing the first time you had sex?” But it’s all good, I’ve asked those things in my career with current cringes at the thought.

Chatting with Randy Jackson, Rick Springfield, Butch Walker, Kenny Loggins, Jane Lynch, and the near-manic Steve Lukather, Marx is at ease. He knows the music business and the players. The guests are clearly comfortable with the host as they open up allowing the stories to thrive in honesty and music industry intrigue.

Podcasting has a new superstar with Marx.  You can catch his most recent show with Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon) now at PodcastOne and hear Richard’s new single “Last Thing I Wanted” down below.



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