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21. April 2015 By Walter Price 0

Review: Legs Electric – ‘MAXIMUM ROCK N ROLL’

legs electric Legs Electric brings a lot of kick-ass attitude and force on Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll…
by Maria Haskins   Take a love of heavy 70s rock like Thin Lizzy and Led Zeppelin, and combine it with a passion for hard-rocking fire-starters like AC/DC and KISS, and you have the origins of the powerful, high-energy sound of Australian band Legs Electric. Legs Electric formed in Perth in 2012 and have kept themselves busy ever since, honing their craft on the local live-scene. That experience has obviously paid off, because on their 5-track, debut EP Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll, the band sounds like a tight and formidable musical force. There’s a rock-solid rhythm section with real swagger, made up of sisters Kylie Soanes on drums and Abby Soanes on bass; there’s Laura McCormack burning things up on guitar; and Ama Quinsee unleashing her powerhouse vocals up front. The band shows off some strong song-writing skills on this EP as well, and the tracks have enough groove, grit and hooks to make you sit up and take notice. First track “Illicit Love” is a terrific opener, throbbing with heavy drums and rumbling bass, lit up by some very legs electrictasty guitar-work, and introducing the listener to Quinsee’s passionate, soul-infused voice. “Trigger” has a darker lyrical tone, rippling with hooky riffs; while the hip- and hair-shaking “Temporary Road” lets Abby Soanes show off some more of that deep and delicious bass groove. “Black Magic” might just be my favourite track on this EP: it has a rambling, free-flowing vibe fused with a hard-driving, hard-rocking feel and some serious guitar-dazzle. The EP then wraps up with the rock’n’roller “She’s Like A Saint”, leaving with me a craving for more. Legs Electric brings a lot of kick-ass attitude and force on Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll, channeling the influences of the past into something of their own. The band has scored support slots with acts like Blues Pills and Kadavar, and if either of those two bands are up your alley, you should definitely check out Legs Electric as well.   Legs Electric: website / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp Lineup:
  • Laura McCormack – Lead Guitar
  • Ama Quinsee – Lead Vocals
  • Kylie Soanes- Drums/Vocals
  • Abby Soanes – Bass Player
  1. Illicit Love
  2. Trigger
  3. Temporary Road
  4. Black Magic
  5. She’s Like A Saint
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