Raye Zaragoza
16. April 2020 By Walter Price 0

…frontlines of the war, SINGLE: RAYE ZARAGOZA – Fight Like A Girl [Tucker Martine, producer]

Raye Zaragoza – Fight Like A Girl is available at Apple Music.

by Walter Price

While I was soaking up the crucial message in activist/singer-songwriter Raye Zaragoza’s feminist anthem, “Fight Like A Girl”, I was also drawn to the soundtrack it comes wrapped in. A folksy pop-rock arrangement, produced by Tucker Martine, that causes me to imagine that this is what it would sound like if Ani DiFranco and The Lumineers teamed up to create an indelible rootsy track for the ages. A balance of influential lyrics and driving melody creating a beautiful song that’s as catchy as it is significant.

In a quote provided to the GTC, the songwriter explains the song’s message, “It’s about how ‘fighting like a girl’ means something different to every female-identifying person out there. It is about the resilience of women of color and all women. It is time for feminism to include all women, Indigenous, Immigrant, Trans, and all those marginalized for their identities. This is the time for intersectional feminism and the youth will lead the way!”

Truer words have rarely been spoken and you can stream the powerfully pertinent ode to women warriors (past, present, future) single and watch a previous stripped-down version, below. And make sure this one slides into your goto make-a-difference playlists.


Artist photo by Caleb James (?) / PR via Ella May Morrison / Mora May Agency

Producer – Tucker Martine
Co-written – Johnny Black
Mastered – Heba Kadry
Assistant engineer – Justin Chase
Intern [extraordinaire] – Cole Halvorsen

Dylan Day,
Eli Moore,
Andrew Borger,
Paul Brainard,
Justin Chase

Artwork by Mika Sen / Layout by AUSTERE

Raye Zaragoza

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I wrote this song back in late 2018 after fending off comments that I “play guitar like a girl.” At first offended by the comments, I decided to turn it around and take it as a compliment. Why can’t doing things “like a girl” be a compliment no matter your gender? It’s time we reclaim the term and use it as a term of empowerment rather than shame!” – Zaragoza

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