2. August 2013 By Walter Price 0

RA Zimmerman

                                                      Released 2012

On this day in 1962 Mr. Zimmerman, foreseeing the future and not wanting to be confused with an over hyped murder suspect and trial, legally, changed his name. Now officially identified as Bob Dylan , Mr. Zimmerman went on to be known for soul searching, mind enriching, poetic music known the world over.

Many argue over which Bob Dylan album is the best and I will save some frustration with your friends and family and tell you the best Dylan album is 1979’s Slow Train Coming. Sure this it’s an album from a born-again Christian but don’t let some God lyrics determine if you should give it a listen. 

In many ways this album was a musical statement for a ‘re-born’ Dylan. Who had been going through some tough times in the media and hadn’t had a hit in a few years. But all that non-sense seemed to fade away once the masses heard the sweet sounds of ‘Gotta Serve Somebody’.

Okay, just find it on vinyl and get ear happy.