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31. July 2021 By Walter Price 0


Modern Diet – Post Grad is available at Bandcamp, Spotify.

post grad

by Walter Price

Dust off your Spring and Summer playlist of dreamy faves and file 2019’s reigning Best Band Ever Modern Diet’s recent single “Post Grad” somewhere amongst The Turtles, Downtown Market, and Eels. This super catchy tale of that period in time where you’ve completed one obligation and realize you’re in the perpetual uphill and down again trials and tribulations of life. As the world moves to its beats, you’re trying to find a footing and possibly, fit in. And we’ve all been there, done that…

I keep getting older
go uphill
pushing my boulder
to fall down
back to the bottom
and up once more
can you keep up

Brooklyn can’t stop dancing
to all
these angsty piles of noises
I don’t feel a damn thing
at all
so fill me up with poison
find your own damn socks
I’ve got a boulder to push

Empathetic thoughts wrapped up in a smooth retro pop arrangement, produced by the collective’s Jake Cheriff. And you can get in on the addictive groove below, + a live Sofar NYC performance.


+ Sofar NYC performance

Band photo by Sara Laufer

Post Grad
Artwork by Camille Petricola
Mastering by Dan Millice
Production by Jake Cheriff

Bernardo Ochoa
Leah Scarpati
Emily Sgouros
Dan Hemerlein
Jake Cheriff

Filmed by: Daniel Olitzky & Jacob Gonzalez
Edited by: Sergio Vaccaro
Audio by: Enrique Mancia & Jake Cheriff

modern diet post grad

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The band met in the middle of the night on the corner of Central and Myrtle Ave outside OMG PIzza. After a quick but intense discussion about femininity and lactose-intolerance, the band was formed.“ – bio

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