meghan trainor review
7. May 2015 By Walter Price 0

PopLock: Meghan Trainor

meghan trainor reviewby Walter Price


For varying reasons I don’t spend much, I mean no, time listening to pop radio nor do I stream it from various places., I’ve decided to change that for a couple weeks.

The things about Meghan Trainor”s excessively catchy throwback doo wop homage blended with modern day glossy production (including lots of bass) “All About That Bass” is that I had only heard 30 seconds of it a few months back and agreed with me that it wasn’t for me.

I couldn’t even really pinpoint what Miss Trainor looked like until recently and I thought she was British! You see, I’ve been busy doing other things and please don’t think my ignorance is weird. My tolerance for this sort of sounds is limited.

This is now and I’ve watched the clip for AATB two dozen times and pretty much have the lyrics stored properly in my noggin’s data banks. Trainor’s track about self-appreciation and acceptance is very timely, personal and a little touching to launch a major label career with pointing out that the co-writer here isn’t as svelte as her counterparts or at least the lovelies that fill magazines and/or porn you have to pay for. I get this. No one is as perfect as these types. Except the clearly attractive Trainor is so dolled up (in a retro way) and painted on she seems a little like what she is rallying against. Odd but aesthetically it works for the clip.

Is the song good? Not really if you use Dusty Springfield or Madonna 1983-1989 as a barometer. Is it catchy? Oh hell yeah! Like any Katy Perry or Duffy song. Would I buy it? Probably not. The chorus drives me bananas after a short while.

Here is where I’m torn-ish. I also read tons of articles about the performer and she seems pretty cool. Someone we’d have round for a game of Pachisi and some tasty fruity adult drinks. I also sensed a bit of underlying self-doubt in the personal life of our story’s heroine but hey who isn’t a bit self-deprecating from time to time. Can I get a witness…Normal is making a comeback!

The bottom line is Meghan Trainor is a true talent. She at least writes and produces her songs or part thereof and the throwback pop sounds thing is pretty right on.  Super pluses for what seems like a good career for the Nantucket, Massachusetts not British pop star. I woinder what would happen if she went more Amy Winehouse and less Perry… I bet acting and such are right around the corner. Now I need to get my hands on her indie stuff and see what’s what.

Side note: Just watched a parody of “All About That Bass”, what a drag man.


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