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7. June 2015 By Walter Price 0

PopLock: Lily Allen

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Lily Allen musicHow the hell am I gonna tell him Elvis already took first base?

by Walter Price


I am willing to say from time to time I make the wrong assumptions about this and that. A while back I happen to catch Lily Allen’s “Air Balloon” from the Kanye inspired titled album ‘Sheezus’ on MTV Deutschland and didn’t seem to get into it. I think maybe I mistook the “Na na n-n-na na na, na na n-n-na, mmm” bit cheesy and that accidently caused my nonchalant dismissal.

Flash-forward to now and I spent some time (accidently) watching Allen do interviews on the YouTube. What a charming, streetwise, realist and a person who doesn’t seem too keen on how the music biz works. The last part is ‘allegedly’, sometimes I read into things. Seems like the sort of person I spend these pages chatting about. See music makers, a good or interesting attitude goes a long long way in the eyes of the public.

Back to “Air Balloon”, I went back to the track and the video. The song is a lackadaisical, optimistic tripped out story. The clip is entertaining as the singer saunters in an open space with a bit of wild cheetah, outerspace, magic mushrooms and a seemingly slight dig at banjo playing acts (the last one my allegation, sometimes I read into things) or maybe the guys are safari guides.Anyway, like the track, its catchy, smartass-y and fun,

Would I buy it? Would do . Would I go to a show? Sure would. Do I think Lily Allen should do more acting? Yes.

A mother who some claimed she walked away from the biz to raise kids returns to what she knows and does above well, actually writes songs and doesn’t seem to want to pander to the way the music machine in currently ran are all pluses.

Call me a aspiring fan of Lily Allen.


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