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7. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

NEW MONDAY: PEACH MARTINE I Would Have Given You The Moon

Peach Martine – I Would Have Given You The Moon is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal.

Peach Martine

by Walter Price

We’ve all felt lesser than. And there’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing a relationship to an adversary who, on the surface, has it all. But, perhaps, it’s your own fault, right? Perhaps your intricacies are a bit too much. Maybe you’re a tad too eccentric, brash, or whatever? Non the matter. Whatever you are, it’s both too much and not enough, and the recent single, “I Would Have Given You The Moon”, from pull-no-punches indie-pop star on the rise Peach Martine is a pointed lament about just this.

Martine’s vitriolic lyrics paired with the stark straightforwardness on this track may find fans of Kate Nash, Meghan Trainor, and Lily Allen relating in their very own been there, done that. As the singer sings, “She’s safe/she’s reliable/she’s a beautiful wallflower/she’s great/she’s so likable/she’s a candle flame and I’m a wildfire/she’s always just enough/I’ll always be too much,” the scene is set and it’s quite the relatable if not uncomfortable scenario. Vulnerability at its most honest.

If you wanna know what the future of pop sounds and feels like, you can stream the studio version of “I Would Have Given You The Moon” and see the ‘live’, stripped-down, performance music video, now at the GTC.

PEACH MARTINE I Would Have Given You The Moon

Artist photo via Facebook // Album artwork and quote courtesy of Tallulah PR + MGMT

Music video by ONErpm

Performed by Peach Martine

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I had thousands of people telling me they’ve been through the same thing and it really struck how being called ‘too much, isn’t a bad thing in love,” – Peach

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