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In His Own Respecting Authenticity Words, LUKAS NELSON on struggling with the word ‘organic’

‘Turn Off the News (Build a Garden)’ – Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real is available now @ Apple Music.


“I’ve been struggling with the word ‘organic’ because everything’s technically organic. Plastic is still made up of the elements from the periodic table. We’re all stardust, whatever we are. Everything from the city to the forest is created on this planet from materials on this planet. So it’s all organic. I think it’s a lot about intention, I think I can feel intention and I can feel intention behind a song. Like Cardi B, for example. I love it. I don’t listen to it all the time because again, the production style is not my favourite. But I can see her authenticity – that’s who she is and she’s completely… it’s endearing to me. I’m a huge fan of celebrating the diversity of our world and even though I may not understand a certain culture or be able to relate to it, because I’ve never been exposed to the nuances of it, I can respect authenticity in every situation.” – Lukas Nelson


Article band photo by Joey Martinez / The quote comes from the Charlotte Krol for NME


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