27. June 2017 By Walter Price 0

VIDEO: Go By Ocean – Ring Around The Sun

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by Walter Price


Transitioning out from under dark cloud covered periods are experiences that can seemingly kill one’s soul or create avenues of enlightenment. Insights that, if you’re lucky, spawn lyrical beauty such as the tracks on Go By Ocean’s new self-released second album, Sun Machine.  A stunning collection taking aim at what was periods of uncontrollable bleakness and finding hope, grasping at what can be.

The video for the track “Ring Around the Sun” encapsulates these notions in a remarkable way. The time and effort to build miniature sets, scenes of songwriter’s memories being slowly covered by creeping darkness are spellbinding. Kudos to the production team for a spectacular job.

“Dirty and strung out, somehow I made my way to the light again, but the darkness never sleeps…”


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