guilty pleasures
13. April 2016 By Walter Price 0

No reason needed

guilty pleasuresBe yourself, no explanations needed…


by Walter Price


There I was assembling my list of 5 Albums That Shaped My Life and I took a break and looked back at a list that had swelled to seventeen great albums. Seventeen and I ´hadn’t even gotten myself around to my favorite garage rock bands yet…Oh man, I better start making notes on why I love all these albums so much and see which five have the best sentimental and life impacting value.

Fine, so I did. Then I got to albums like Depeche Mode’s ‘Speak & Spell and Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show’s ‘Sloppy Seconds’ and I realized although I truly love these albums and I remember where I was and who I was with when I first heard them, I really had no other deep rooted reason for loving these gems. I just do.

I wouldn’t say these albums are ‘guilty pleasures’, I’d buy them again and listen to them openly with pride and perhaps public wiggles but I understand the concept.of something not being perceived cool by your peers. Hell, I’m pretty sure no one in my circle of friends digs Meghan Trainor as much as I almost secretly do but who cares, I need no reason to turn her up when she comes on whatever platform I’m using at the time.

“So a person who acts like a know-it-all might be a megalomaniac, or a narcissist, or someone overcompensating, but it could just be that they have a very common disorder: Banal human arrogance.” – Frederic Christie

What I’m going on about is that there is no need to be an expert on an artist or album to enjoy or even fall in love. To many ‘know-it-alls’ anyway. Be yourself, no explanations needed.

Now where did I but that Ylvis collection…



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