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3. November 2023 By Walter Price 0

…eyes closed, NINE YEAR SISTER Wait And See

Nine Year Sister Wait And See is available on As Far As The Stars

Nine Year Sister

by Walter Price

Celebrated sibling duo Nine Year Sister are a rarified breed of modern-day singer-songwriters. Storytellers who know the magic of letting their songs breathe and allow lyrics their space to be realized. As the pair recently released an acoustic version of one of my favorite songs of theirs, I thought it a good idea to revisit “Wait And See” from their 2017 EP, “As Far As The Stars”.

Many of the songs NYS composes are full of whispery poetry and often are masterclasses in turn-of-phase. And “Wait And See” is one of their finest. Which, if you consider their vast catalog, is most likely arguable. But consider lines such as, “When you grew up/ You thought you’d be/ Mountains of calm/ But you’re wild as the sea”, “No one knows who they belong to/ They just pretend to feel complete/ Go find the fastest road back home/ It’s all that you need”, and the crème de la crème verse, “Why do you sing with your eyes closed/ Like you’re afraid of what you’ll see/ Look no further than the front-row/ That’s where I’ll be.” Picturesque and palpable.

Nine Year Sister continue their journey into beautifully inedible songs with their brand new LP, “Gold“. And next week I’ll share some thoughts on their dreamy pop closing track from the album, “Ashtray“. But before you jump into their now, go back a bit and stream the OV “Wait And See” as well as watch the video for their acoustic redux, here at the GTC.


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Music and lyrics by Emma Wardle / Jennie Wardle (Nine Year Sister)
Artwork by Jennie

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The sisters began writing songs around 2010, whilst living in a rural area in the Granite Belt region, pouring emotion and heart into their lyrics. In 2019, Nine Year Sister began their journey into live performance. Jennie and Emma bring a warmth to the stage, blending their sweet voices with that special magic unique to sibling harmonies.” – bio

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