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26. January 2022 By Walter Price 0

…you don’t like me at all, NEWDAD Say It [+Ladybird]

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by Walter Price

Oh, what a picture Galway acclaimed indie rock outfit NewDad’s recent single, “Say It”, paints. And like most images, interpretation can range vastly. What I see here is a relationship that’s troubled with finding an exit plan.

You don’t say much to my face
You just look down at your laces like your fucking famous
And you don’t want to leave a trace
But you’ll get mad if someone takes your place
No, you don’t like me at all
You just want to see me fall for you
And I don’t want to

So I don’t want to say it
‘Cause you won’t want to say it back
No I don’t want to say it
‘Cause you won’t want to say it back

I think most of us can relate to those gut-wrenching moments of two souls passing time in same spaces knowing things have run their emotional course, but all the deep-rooted histories won’t let us call it what it is. As losing control, whatever that may be can be the hardest part. And finding the right words in these situations, well, seemingly a lost cause.

And if someone told me that this lush post-punk meets bedroom-pop beauty was conceived between 1982 and 1994, I’d believe them. Its vibes are that timeless. And you can stream the picturesque Chris W Ryan-produced single as well as the October 2021 stunner, “Ladybird”, now at the GTC.



Band photo by Bella Howard

Say It // Ladybird
Written by Julie Dawson, Sean O’Dowd, Fiachra Parslow, Áindle O’Beirn
Produced by Chris W Ryan
Mixed by John Congleton
Mastered by Matt Colton

NewDad Say It

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From the West Coast of Ireland, this alternative indie rock band brings sombre themes to life with their easy-going sound, raw vocals and thrumming backing.” – bandcamp bio

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