Jubilee Riots
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New Music SYCTB 29 Oct 2014

Jubilee Riots Penny Black albumIn this week’s Sounds You Can Try & Buy (SYCTB) we’ll revisit artists from The GTC pages this past week. A phenomenal band making changes, a German duo blasting souls to dust and a Cali band bringing the indie-pop to new levels of alright alright alright.

So stop what your doin’ and let us begin to dig into what new music we’re listening to this week and thoughts from around the web.

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Jubilee Riots – Penny Black

The Penny Black (Project) finds the newly minted Jubilee Riots exploring rich layers of folk, indie rock, pop stylings and all things probably the most unique album of the year. Hints of their former selves Enter the Haggis seep in here and there for perhaps a wink and a smile to long time fans but overall this is many things new directions. This album is extremely strong, built on the tales from the band’s fan’s.That doesn’t make this a concept album but it does make this album conceptually one of a kind.

“We also felt like at times we were trying so hard to keep one foot on each side of a fence – on the one hand, we were incredibly excited and passionate about the music we were writing, but with a long legacy behind us we continually ran into resistance from people who didn’t think our new albums were “ETH albums”. I guess one day after listening to Penny Black in its finished form we all looked at one another and realized that in a way, those people were right – this really was something new and different. For me personally, the cathartic “parting of the clouds” moment was when I realized that I felt DISHONEST telling people who loved the band as it once was that they had no reason to complain, that we were still writing the same music because we’re not. And some people who love our earlier albums won’t like newer albums, and that’s OK. I don’t like every book by my favourite authors or every movie by my favourite directors.” – Brian Buchanan


The Tropics Wind HouseThe Tropics – ‘Wind House’ (Breakup)

San Francisco’s The Tropics are out with Wind House an album of garage pop meets art come indie rock delights. The big part if the equation here is vocalist Claire George. She travels the historic voice styles of Siouxsie Sioux, Kate Bush, Clara Luzia and K. Nash.Wrapped in the warm, super hypnotic and desirable sounds of band mates Eric Silverman, Nate Skelton, Kern Sigala and Rowan Peter. A bit of retro and a whole lot of hell yeah. .

The band recently spoke to us about the video for the first single ‘Fireproof’, a must see video…Go on, see it HERE.

“The song is one of our favorites off the new record “Wind House”, and was a song that changed significantly when we got into the studio and experimented with it. The video was incredibly fun to make, we were bouncing ideas around and were watching the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Good Vibrations video a lot, and just went for it! It took a ton of planning to recreate that video shot for shot. The guys in the band actually learned all those dance moves by watching the original video in slow motion and then practicing for weeks, that’s actually them dancing!”


The Picturebooks Imaginary HorseThe Picturebooks – ‘Imaginary Horse‘ (RidingEasy)

Hailing from Gütersloh, Deutschland, The Picturebooks’ recently released Imaginary Horse (RidingEasy) finds the duo bringing greasy kick-in-the-mouth guttural blues into near uncharted sonic territories. Mirtschink’s dirty smash beat driving Grabke’s drunk on desire vocals all places righteously and eagerly uneasy. Open highway low-slung driving riffs and wailing soulful vocals stimulating all things Rock N’ Roll senses.

If you’re in a club, at a bar, or at a party and somebody turns on one of our songs, you should be able to hear the feedback from the guitar or the bass drum and say right away, “That’s The Picturebooks!” That was the plan. – Fynn Claus Grabke (ArtistDirect)

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