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New Music: No Safe Bets

jp rainBy J.P. Kallio


The weather in Dublin has definitely kicked into a winter mode, as they say here “sunny spells and scattered showers”. That means four seasons in one day. But there is something is like about this time of the year as well. I like hiding in my little office/ studio recording songs while the rain beats the on the window. Or late at night writing a blog post and the sky has cleared an the moon shines its light between the curtains.

Enjoying those moments, seeing the beauty rather than the bleakness leads nicely to his weeks song “No Safe Bets”, so if you haven’t done so yet, hit that play button above. I have a big birthday coming up next year and you can’t help not to think about one’s mortality in times like these. But at the same time, it’s silly. Age is only a number at the end of the day. And this week’s song reminds us that life by its nature is fragile. None of us know what tomorrow has lined up for us. I might have most of my life still ahead of me, or I might get hit by a bus tomorrow…

I think sometimes when life flies by hundred miles an hour, it can be easy to forget to stop and look at the beauty all around us. Yeah the world is a scary place, and there are evil things around us, but if you only look, you can see the good outnumbers the bad by thousandfold. I know we are all in a big rush to accomplish things, do our job to the best of our ability. But let me ask you this, when your time comes, do you think you’ll regret not making more money? Or do you regret not spending more time doing what you really want to do?

So I hope you can take a moment from your busy schedule and listen to this weeks song and maybe share it with a friend. There is power in music beyond our comprehension and after taking those few minutes, I’m sure you will feel more energised to get on with your day.


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