The Naysayers
12. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

The Naysayers – Our Lady Alacrity

The Naysayers by Walter Price   Just the other day I was pondering how The Strokes could ever become enjoyable and then all of a sudden this video for ‘Our Lady Alacrity” from Australia’s ever progressing garage rockers The Naysaysers fell into my eyes. Then like a lighting one-two punch it hit me, The Strokes should follow in the footsteps of Nathaniel Parbery, Harris Kingstene and Gordon Holland. But then we’d have to suffer from Julian Casablancas claiming he invented The Naysayers and that wouldn’t be cool. I digress… The video is pretty cool in itself and shows the band’s canny playfulness as they mess about in front of greenscreened landscapes but what your focus should be parked on is the track itself. Raulicking, melodic and rough in all the perfect places. Proving further more a consistant pattern of how this band can take multible degrees of rock and blend them into one delicious cocktail of hell yeah! As is it another fine example why The Land Down Under is the land above most when it comes to the various shades of Rock N’ Roll. Good on ya The Naysayers, you’ve done it again! An outbreak of worldwide acknowledgment is at your doorsteps.   The Naysayers: Facebook / Website / SoundCloud CREDITS Camera & Direction: Kimberly Smith + The Naysayers Green Screen magic: Harrie Kingston Editing: Nathaniel Parbery & Gordon Holland