nacht nacht tales podcast
5. January 2018 By Walter Price 0

PREMIER – Nacht Nacht Tales Podcast: Going Alone On Halloween

Nacht Nacht Tales Podcast launches February 2018.

nacht nacht tales podcast

by Walter Price


As the podcast launch date becomes ever closer, a new chapter from my forthcoming children’s book has been produced as a podcast episode. Nacht Nacht Tales Podcast launches this February and the book, ‘The Outrageous Adventures of Lily and Dugan will be released September 2018.

Why is the podcast called Nacht Nacht Tales and not  The Outrageous Adventures of Lily and Dugan? As time moves along the podcast producers will invite other writers to submit their short stories for production. Supporting independent writers and artists and building a community of storytellers is a must.

Yes, this newest episode, Going Alone On Halloween, may seem out of season but it’s really a short story of understanding rules and boundaries. Have a listen and follow Lily and Dugan as they try to convince their parents to let them go trick or treating, alone!

Side Note: New website and links for the podcast and the book will be coming very soon.