Molly Burch
21. July 2020 By Walter Price 0

May I remind you, I’m the one, 7″ EP: MOLLY BURCH – Ballads

Molly Burch – Ballads is available at Bandcamp, Captured Tracks.

Molly Burch

by Walter Price

Trying to file acclaimed Austin-based singer-songwriter, Molly Burch, under any sort of label would prove a pointless task. Heavy and dramatic, emotionally charged, and unwavering, her songs guide the listener into cinematic landscapes, and at times, not unlike something David Lynch could conjure. This is certainly true of her 2019 Double A-side, ‘Ballads’, two tracks teetering between post-punk’s darkwave and the 1960’s tear-stained sounds of Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison. As there’s a near-forgotten art in crafting story-songs, songs that take you from A to B without the comfort of a safety net and these two tracks are tales as hauntingly beautiful as they are unapologetically good old-fashioned sad songs.

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‘Ballads’ is available now via Captured Tracks and if sad songs make you happy, then add these two to your comfort-in-the-shadows playlist.


+ Only One (Live for RMP-D8 Sessions)

Artist photo by Jackie Lee Young

Credits (via Discogs)
Matthew Shepherd – Drums
Jason Chronis – Bass, keys
Dailey Toliver – Guitar
Sam Kossler – Guitar

Molly Burch performs “Only One” live for RMP-D8 Sessions
Directed by: Tristan Rhodes
Engineered and Mixed by: Danny Reisch
Mastered by: Max Lorenzen
Special thanks to The Dr. Eugene Clark Library

Molly Burch

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You left your mess on the floor
I know you know that’s happened before
May I remind you, I’m the one
Who picks up the pieces when you’re done

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