13. September 2014 By Walter Price 0

Meet Feral Conservatives

By Walter Price

The most influential names in music got that way by experimenting with sounds, thrilling with diversity and cemented themselves in the soul of our record collections with their ever changing desires. Brian Wilson, The Stones, Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, Blur and whomever else you wish to add.

From Virginia Beach, VA is a staticky altpoprock duo following in the artful coolness of experimentation in sounds. They call themselves Feral Conservatives, which conjures up enough intrigue in itself but it’s the subtlety noisy, artsy, sweet, shining in their weaknesses, hints of sexiness, possibly planned shyness and interesting multi-instrumented approaches that brings the joy.

I would like to see Feral Conservatives Rashie Rosenfarb and Matt Francis (possibly a couple) , join forces with Oklahoma’s QUIL for a tour of European clubs. Good fun times lay ahead.

I cherish the part of the music world(s) where things/sounds stay in perpetual motion and Feral Conservatives seem to thrive in this environment. Go on, I have for you three examples of what this duo is doing splendidly. I just hope these two don’t mess around and find a sound they like and stick to it…

Feral Conservatives: Facebook / Website / SoundCloud / Bandcamp