Lydia Persaud Words For Her
4. May 2022 By Walter Price 0

…only a few ways to say, LYDIA PERSAUD Words For Her

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Lydia Persaud Words For Her

by Walter Price

Toronto singer-songwriter Lydia Persaud’s most recent soulful single, “Words For Her”, is an impactful somber slow jam that’ll have fans of Sade, Anita Baker, and Erykah Badu adding this song about navigating the ins and outs of falling in love to their favorite life is a highway playlist.

Featured on her overwhelmingly brilliant 8-track album, “Mood31”, this single is another reason why I’ve predicted that Persaud is an artist we’ll not soon forget. She’s writing songs from her own personal emotional travels, but she also offers the listener to absorb and reflect on their own experiences through her songs. “Everyone has personal moments that mark their love story. These cherished memories belong to them, regardless of how small or insignificant they are. I hope you are able to reflect on your own intimate moments as you listen.

“I wrote this album to value and validate the experiences that we have, as well as to honour our growth as people.”

You can stream this powerfully delicate single as well as see its picturesque alone in a room Joshua Rille and Ayo Tsalithaba music video, here at the GTC.


Artist photo and quotes are courtesy of Auteur Research PR

Songwriting, Vocal and Baritone Ukulele by Lydia Persaud

Production, Engineering by Scott McConnell at Safe Spaceship Music
Keys – Ben McDonald
Bass – Scott McConnell
Drums – Chino De Villa
Guitar – Christine Bougie
Backup Vocalists – Kyla Charter and James Bailey

Mixed by Scott McConnell
Masters by Heather Kirby at Dreamlands Mastering

Photos by Joshua Rille
HMUA Ms. Myles
Album Design by Yesim Tosuner

VIDEO: Directing, Production, and Lighting: Joshua Rille and Ayo Tsalithaba
Assistant Production: Lydia Persaud
Editing: Ayo Tsalithaba
Prop Management: James Bailey, Josh Rille, and Christine Bougie
Hair & Make-Up: Ms. Myles

Shot at the Great Hall in Toronto

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“After ten years of playing music, I’m beginning to recount the past and bring my multiple experiences into what I’m doing. After all, I make music to honestly connect with others who might feel the same way. I hope Moody31 celebrates and validates the human experience in all its contradictions: how new love can be experienced alongside deep loss, how one can crave solitude and connection, simultaneously. It’s beautiful to embrace all of our moods – it’s living.” – Lydia Persaud

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