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…tell the tale, LONGSLEEVES Crystal Clear

Longsleeves – Joyrider EP is available at Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music.


by Walter Price

The last time I had a good long think about what sort of rock n roll history comes out of Norfolk, VA was a whole bunch of years ago, when I wrote my final article about promising punky-indie-folk-duo Feral Conservatives. Then, without warning, the band disappeared. And so did my wonderment in what sorta music scene inhabits that Eastern city of infamous dumplings.

But here we are, clawing are way into a post-pandemic world, and one half of FC, Matt (Francis), and his newer Norfolk bandmates Austin, Curtis, and Kyle, collectively known now as Longsleeves, have a delicious slice of old-school alternative rock with their recent EP, ‘Joyrider’. And to get ya properly introduced to this 6-track throwback to the days when Cake, Local H, Weezer, and the like were at their peak powers and the world was a simpler, more copacetic time…check out the single “Crystal Clear”.

Although there’s a ton of retro alt vibes with this track as well, what this single has over much of the old day’s radio hits is some damn good lyrics. Words to sink your soul into. Enough emotional power to sync right into any how-the-hell-did-I-get-here scene…

Birkenstock boy, bag of sandwiches
He can’t tell that there’s six to one advantages
How did he find his way into this house?
(Whose house is this?)
These are the memories, that you don’t get to see
That’ll wind and weave what’s left for me
Your space in my mind is counted out

It’s crystal clear we won’t work things out
It’s crystal clear we won’t work things out

Fractures forming, textiles shifting
But I don’t really wanna be the same again
Be the same again
So send the message and tell the tale you
Never felt yourself
Never felt yourself

The song comes replete with a DIY video, directed by the band’s very own drummer, Matt. The music video follows a street hockey fella going through his day, causing self-inflicted chaos, which is both a good time and seemingly isolating. Like all his mates have moved on as this guy just wants to hold on to what once was… There’s also a good amount of band performance as well, so make sure you check it out.

You can stream the full ‘Joyrider’ EP and see the video, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Bandcamp

Engineered & Mixed by Will Beasley in Richmond, Va.
Produced by Will Beasley & Longsleeves

Austin Fontenot: vocals, bass
Curtis Allison: rhythm guitar, synth
Kyle Bauer: lead guitar, synth, vocals
Matt Francis: drums and percussion

Video, Directed by Matt Francis
Grip: Reggie Lewis


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