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21. December 2020 By Walter Price 0

And suddenly it’s real, SINGLE: LOLA MARSH – Echoes [Someday Tomorrow Maybe LP]

Lola Marsh – Someday Tomorrow Maybe is available at Apple Music.

Lola Marsh

by Walter Price

To say that “Echoes” is the best or brightest track from Lola Marsh’s beautiful LP, ‘Someday Tomorrow Maybe’, could and should be debated. See, all twelve tracks are the embodiment of what directions pop music should be driven. A concoction of 60s French pop, brilliant poetic and cinematic wordsmithery, intimate, Mediterranean nuances and the abundant bluster of authenticity. Truths further heightened by Gil Landau’s meticulous guitar work and Yael Shoshana Cohen’s incredibly addictive vocal dexterity.

And while I could hyperbolize for ages about the depths and cool of this album, I’d rather let the music work its magic. Check out the Indy Hait directed film for “Echoes”, and do yourself a favor, dive deep into this duo. You’ll find that the soundtrack to 2020 has been born…


Yael Shoshana Cohen
Gil Landau

Director / DOP / Editor: Indy Hait
Creative Producer: Pavel Buryak
Producer: Katerina Nefeld
MakeUp: Chukalova Maria, Moliboga Katerina, Dyadun Olha, Trunova Anastasia, Stets Olha
Art Department: Nefeld Katerina, Zolotarev Denis, Chelnik Evgeniy
Stylist: Margarita Shekel
Stylist Assistant: Kate Oliynyk, Sasha Volodarskaya, Sasha Romashchenko

Choreographer: Marina Kushchova

Dancers: Frankov Zhenya, Shevchyk Natali, Pirnak Maryna
Reshetnik Anastasiia, Shapoval Nikita, Holovin Danylo, Chumenko Ann
Kolobov Michael, Lada Rusetska, Chukhmanenko Roman

Camera Crew: Martinyuk Alexander, Dobrik Vlad
Steadycam: Lukashenko Anton
Light Crew: Malik Evgeny, Borozenets Andrew, Petrenko Ruslan

Admin: Yaroslav Gavrishuk

Artist photo via Facebook

lola marsh

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I’m wearing the coat that you gave me
And suddenly it’s real
I don’t know if I should feel
That I’m here for someone

Oh, echoes and ghosts in my head
They are raising in my bed
And I’m about to take a chance
‘Cause I’m here…

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Lola Marsh have just released a powerful new single, “Hold On”, stream it on Spotify.