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Little Brave: Beyond Genres

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By Walter Price

We first noticed Little Brave on an American TV show called Troubadour, TX a while back. And aren’t we happy we caught that episode. Before the program was over we had a laptop playing her tracks and we  started investigating this Austin artist and El Campo, TX  native.

Been fans ever since.

Her third release Wound & Will( ’11) is a multi-layered extravaganza full of bounce, perfect harmonies, soul, confidence and swagger (without being arrogant or trying to slap you in the face). Test the waters with tracks “Ruin Mine”, “Cut & Paste”, “Blame” & “Mercy”.

You’d be fooling yourself if you think you can label a music bin and slide Little Brave in it. Is she country? Maybe. Is she Americana? Perhaps. Is Little Brave rock? Probably. Is she an ‘Indie chick’? Watch your mouth!!! What she is, is an artists always in transition. Playing the kind of music she loves. No surface excuses I could find.

You’re on tour right now, how’s it going?

Its good, I’m about halfway through, so far it’s been pretty great. I have no complaints. I’m actually off tonight. I’m in Boise, ID tomorrow’s show.

From Wharton County (El Campo) Texas, not a big place to grow up in. When did you start thinking of leaving or was leaving a bi-product of your musical expansion?

Uh, no, I went to junior college not too far from there. And I went for two years and I knew after two years of junior college I was going to leave and go to a four year university. And that’s what I did.

You have gone through some transformations to get to Little Brave, was that a product of self-discovery?

I think, it was just about changing and things happened at a certain time in my life. It all kind of worked out that way.  And, I was just wanting that kind of thing for a while. So, when the opportunity provided itself I took it for sure.

Rock, pop, Americana, avant garde , folk…is it easy to make a musical home in so many genres? 

I think, I think I’ve never really worried about it, honestly. I don’t ever think about if I’m going to write this kind of song or that kind of song. I try sometimes to do that but it never really works out. It’s honestly just whatever comes out and whatever I can hear in my head as a song. I don’t ever pay attention to genre or anything like that. I just want to make music.

So, growing up you probably listened to everything.

Yes, exactly. My Dad loved The Beatles, Van Halen, Prince, pop stuff you know and the rock stuff. My Mom loved George Strait and a lot of the Chicago. Chicago is a band she really liked. The music was all over the board, which I am grateful about that. It was never one thing.

Other than a children’s record, what was the first album you purchased or were given?

Ah, good question. I do remember the first album I got as a gift, it was for a birthday and it was before I could really remember a lot from that age. It was the Cyndi Lauper album “She’s So Unusual”.  I loved that album, I loved it so much!(laughs) I was really young so it’s interesting that they bought me the record.  I remember my Mom saying that I would only buy books or music.

What books were you into?

Man, everything. I really like British literature. (audio lost) I also like Michael Crichton and stuff like that. I love fiction more than anything that’s my favorite thing to read.

Who would you like to work with or share a stage/bill with?

Ah, man, I would love to share a bill with Josh Ritter. He is one of my favorite artists. I just love everything he does.

“Wound & Will” has been out for little bit and has received critical praise, what’s next?

After this tour I am really going to focus on putting together a record and starting to record some stuff. Everything is kinds loose right now, you know, it’s still pretty early. It’s really about try to figure out how to record and then how to budget. That is a big thing. It can be a big block trying to figure out how to get the money. I’m going to just go home and try to figure that all out.

What about touring internationally? 

Ah, man, that is something I really want to do. European touring is a big one on my list. You know I do everything pretty much by myself so I have a hard time, I have to ask around a lot about things I want to do. Hopefully very soon!

Favorite rock and/or metal band?

Oh my God…Van Halen!

Guilty pleasure movie or TV show?

Whew, I don’t watch TV that much…. X-Files. It’s pretty corny and cheesy, I know.

Who to watch in Texas Music?

Drew Kennedy

Best Place to eat in Texas?

Los Cucos Mexican Food, I know it’s really only in Central Texas or something but it’s my favorite!

Favorite Superhero?

(Laughs) Batman! My Dad raised us up to love Batman, so it would be Batman. (Laughs)

Thanks for talking us.

Absolutely. Thanks for calling and sorry I missed the first call.

No worries, I’m sorry I called at the wrong time. I couldn’t get my time-zones figured out.



Little Brave: Website. Facebook. Twitter. YouTube.

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