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In Her Own Words: LINDSAY WHITE on coming together + video for “Let Love Lead the Way”

Lindsay White @ Apple Music / Lady Brain Presents

“I wrote ‘Let Love Lead the Way’ after being invited to sing at the 2019 Women’s March San Diego. I have plenty of songs steeped in rage toward our current state of affairs, but I wanted to channel my anger and frustration into something more positive and action-oriented. Women are so strong and so powerful; there’s no way we will just sit back and let our future and our choices be determined by those in power who clearly do not have our best interests in mind. Instead, I believe in coming together and creating the world we want to live in, where all decisions, personal and political, are based in the love we have for ourselves, for each other, and for those who do not enjoy the same privileges we have. The kind of love I’m singing about is not passive and meek. It’s a colorful, powerful, unstoppable force.” – Lindsay White


Original Song by Lindsay White – Written for the 2019 Women’s March San Diego

Video/Photos by Sharisse Coulter

Recorded & Mixed at Thunderbird Analog Studios in Oceanside, CA

Additional Mixing and Mastered at Studio Studios In Minneapolis, MN

Featuring members of the incredible San Diego Women’s Chorus as well as many cherished friends and powerful, creative, generous womxn throughout the San Diego community.

Special thanks to Women’s March San Diego team as well as Laura Jane Willcock, Marcia Claire (bass), Jules Stewart (drums), and the many friends who lent their time, talent, and support to this project.

The quote comes from the Johnathan Frahm article for PopMatters.

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