leMeow Ghost Heart
1. November 2023 By Walter Price 0

…when this beat stops, leMeow Ghost Heart

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leMeow Ghost Heart

by Walter Price

It’s incredible how one’s mind can take a poem, painting, or song and interpret it altogether differently than its creator had intended. Take leMeow’s most recent single “Ghost Heart”. The smokey 90s pop-inspired track, at first, hit me as a love that once lost would end the party. Alas, I was far from correct and the true backstory is more cerebral and heavy than I had first assumed.

In a borrowed Bandcamp blurb, the single’s true origin story is explained as, “Ghost Heart” is a haunting and emotionally charged song that delves into the eerie sensation of feeling like your very heart is possessed by a ghostly presence. In this evocative musical narrative, the ghost takes on a unique role as the keeper of your heart’s rhythm, effectively controlling the beats that dictate your emotional state and actions.”

That is some heady context to soak up. But leMeow (Gin Bourgeois) has a way of utilizing her writing and timeless pop vocals to smooth over the weightiness. But, again, once you go deeper this song’s proper message is hauntingly heartstopping, if you will, and it’ll stick with you for a while.

You can stream “Ghost Heart”, here at the GTC.

leMeow Ghost Heart

Artist photo via Facebook // Quotes via Bandcamp and lemeowmusic.com

All music & lyrics by Gin Bourgeois (leMeow)
Produced by Eric Eggleston
Mastered by Mauricio Gargel
Album art by Gin Bourgeois

Gin Bourgeois (vocals, synth tracks)
Eric Eggleston (bass)
Jeff Asselin (drums)

facebook // website // instagram

“leMeow is the stage name and project of Ottawa-based singer-songwriter Gin Bourgeois. Known for her sultry, cinematic quality voice, leMeow’s sound is a fresh take on the music of the 60’s and 70’s.” – bio

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