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19. September 2014 By Walter Price 0

Last Drop: Their Own Blood

By Walter Price

In the South of Spain, in an ancient city is a thriving music scene. A scene we are getting to know and becoming extremely interested in. Singer/songwriters, blues tinged rockers, conscious observers and this part of Spain may just turn out to be Europe’s new go to spot for aspiring musical poets / artists.

Cádiz is home to a band of four Rock N’ Roll souls who are harvesting great alternative sounds with keen eyes on the happenings around them and the world outside their seaside hamlet. A mix of concern, understanding and a lust for freedom driving them to push even further into the world and have their voices, their cries and honest rock sounds heard.

Forgoing many of life’s clichés and choosing the music they make as their savior this band is not just on a mission, they themselves are the mission.

Through the words of vocalist Edin Malamadre; Meet Last Drop…


I find it interesting that until a few months ago I had heard very little of Cádiz and now you guys are the second rock act we’re digging from the ancient city. What’s going on there in the Cádiz music scene?

I really like this question. I think that we are living our Golden Age here in Cádiz. There’s a lot of really good bands, with a lot of talent and a lot to say. And the most important thing, with very different musical styles. We have, as you know, The Electric Alley, The Broken, Sexaine, The Shooters, G.A.S DRUMMERS, Diabulus in Extremis, Common Places, SeekInside, Ogro, Chochosymoscas Grind…A lot of amazing bands.

We always have been very creative in the south of Spain and I think that it had to be reflected somehow, no matter what musical style we are talking about.

‘Sin Tregua’, this is a song about seeking Truth. TRUTH in capital letters. I think that TRUTH only can be found inside of you. You are your Master and your Pupil. Everything in between is a handful of shit.  Everything begins and ends in you. This is why I sing in the chorus “Truth is spinning…” It’s like a wheel, with no beginning and no end.


What is the history of Last Drop?We are just a bunch of motherfuckers that want to play Rock N Roll. We have been playing for three years now, more or less. We have released one EP with 4 songs and we want to record our first LP before this year ends. With a music video of course.You tackle some social thoughts, perhaps with some disdain and despair… would you call yourselves activists or just concerned humans with instruments? The line “¿Quién jode nuestras vidas?” seems intense.

We are not activists. We are just people with eyes in our faces and hearts in our chests. There’s no disdain in our songs nor despair. Only rage. And Hope. But not naive hope. Hope in mankind as a beautiful disaster that that to sail in trouble water. The line “who fucks with our lives” it’s about that.

We sing in Spanish because is our natural language. i really like bands that sing in their mother language. I think that it is more interesting and more difficult that singing in English. I’m not saying that i don`t like bands that sing in English. I’m ok with that. But, for me if a want to express deep feelings and ideas, I have to do it in my own language. If not, I’m feeling superficial.

’11’ is about manipulation. I don’t know why but, all the big tragedies use to happen in a day eleven. 9/11. 11M, the earthquake in Japan…I don’t know why but, that makes me think that there is a reality over our reality that escapes to our control. And we are controlled through chaos. Chaos is the best way of controlling. If you are confused, you are easily controllable. This song is a desire of escaping about that control.



So what do you believe is the most important problem the world faces right now?

This is a very difficult question. I think the most important problem that we have to face is the loss of our freedom. We are losing our free will and our individuality in a very subtle way. We are being ruled by criminals by psychos that don’t care about us. Politicians are useless. They are not there to serve us. They use us like pawns in the game. We are losing our freedom and it doesn’t matter which country we are talking about. It is the same everywhere. Poverty, lack of justice, etc it is all related with that. So I think that we have to recover our value as human beings. If we are not free, we are not humans.

Last Drop is laying down some killer guitar riffs, who are the bands musical heroes?

Hahaha, thank you. We have a lot of influences. For me, the master of puppets is James Hetfield. But, what we, as a group, have in common is Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Heroes del Silencio, Queen of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Mars Volta, Guns n Roses, etc…

‘Ensayo Y Error (La Docilidad Del Miedo)’ is a song about feeling guilty without having committed any crime. It’s a song about being an slave of your elf. if you are an slave of yourself, that is, you are the perfect slave. You don’t have to have chains. You are your own chain.

I usually can tell from listening, are you guys recording in a studio or at a home?

We recorded in Studio 79 in Jerez with Rafa Camison. A guy with a lot of talent as a drummer and producer. We recorded there live, with the whole band playing at the same time and then we added vocals.

When will you tour outside of Spain?

I hope we can tour abroad as soon as possible. We are willing to do it. We have no limits.

‘Despierta’: Awake. You have to be aware of who you are. And you have to assume that you are a grain in the mountain of shit that the world is. If we are not aware about that, we have nothing to do. We are lost. The world is lost.

What are 5 things the world absolutely needs to know about Last Drop Band?

  1. We are four in the band. Koke (lead guitar), Manuel( bass), Mike (drums and vocals) and Edith (vocals / rhythm guitar).
  2. Our name comes from and Scottish pub where the criminals that were going to be killed took their last drink before they die in the gallows.
  3. We made the cover of our first Ep with our own blood.
  4. We have a lot of songs and we want you to listen them.
  5. Rock is our only religion.
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