2. October 2013 By Walter Price 0

Ken & Julian

Ken & Ringo

If it’s Wednesday It’s Ken Michaels’ “Every Little Thing” and tonight he brings you Julian Lennon

Before the radio program check out Ken’s review of Julian’s ‘Everything Changes’here.

So, if you’re in Europe, stay up late or get up early…Going to be a good one!

This Wednesday night’s “Every Little Thing” broadcast will be expanded to 3 hours, 8-11pm(est) to make way for a 90-minute Julian Lennon radio special, starting at 9:30, which includes my interview with Julian discussing his latest album “Everything Changes,” and his music career. The show airs on 88.7 WNHU, West Haven, CT and can be streamed here! 

“Every Little Thing” is a weekly Beatles program that can be heard as both a one-hour syndicated show on 20 radio stations, or as a live broadcast on WNHU, West Haven, CT, Wednesdays 8-10pm (est) which you can stream at www.wnhu.net.  The program is vastly different from all Beatles shows in that it features much more than their classic group recordings-all their solo-music is represented up to the newest releases, plus cover versions, side projects, novelty records, tribute songs, imports, rarities, music from family followers, original interviews, and more. Every show features unique thematic sets-everything from songs with Paul on drums, John’s political songs, Piano-based songs, recordings that feature Eric Clapton, George’s spiritual music, etc. All shows also feature a mixture of Beatles games and trivia, and the live broadcast on WNHU also includes the latest Beatles news.