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Kasabian’s Pizzorno 5 Tips for Guitar Players?

By Walter PriceKasabian

Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno recently delighted MusicRadar with his 5 tips for guitar players and we thought we’d see if you agree with his tipsaroos.

So here are the five tips from a nice fella who let loose with this tidbit, “There’s not a ton of guitar on our new album. A lot of what could be guitar parts are actually played on electronics. I just find that to be way more creative these days.”

And then this interesting thought, “I’m nowhere near done on it,” he says. “In fact, the next album could be more guitar-driven than anything we’ve ever done before. I’d like to shift up and redefine the guitar. I know it sounds lofty, but I’m gonna try my damndest to figure out the next chapter for the instrument. What’s left? Surely there must be something more that old piece of wood can say.”

Good stuff indeed. Let’s hope the new album ’48:13’, out next week (7 October), is as cool as Empire. Read the full MusicRadar.com article HERE and find out his thoughts behind the tips.

So take a minute, have some fun and let us know if you agree with Pizzorno’s guitar advice(s).

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