Jordan Lindley 15 May 2020
9. May 2020 By Walter Price 0

…thought about the stories, SINGLE: JORDAN LINDLEY – Bummed

Jordan Lindley – Bummed is available at Apple Music.

by Walter Price

Finding the right words is a tricky matter, and when and how to convey such profound thoughts to someone can be even more daunting. And singer-songwriter Jordan Lindley’s recent love letter of a single, “Bummed”, examines such a personal journey. Written at a different time, when the songwriter couldn’t have imagined how his words would carry even more weight in these times of separation. In an era of sequestering when many folks are wondering if they’ve said enough or expressed the right emotions to the ones that matter most, this song will hit home.

To quote Lindley about the song’s origins, “It’s a love song that walks us through the actions we take when we miss someone, but never fully articulate. I wrote ‘Bummed’ on a summer afternoon, in which I realized that I was falling for someone that lived hundreds of miles away. I didn’t know where exactly all of the words were coming from, I just knew that I wanted to, sort of, list out the things about this person that I missed and admired. To me, the song shows a sense of happiness, loss, wonder, and hope… and that’s exactly what I was feeling at the time.”

If you’re a fan of Band of Horses, Mark Oliver Everett, and/or Bon Iver, then this track will slide nicely into your contemplative playlist. Oh, and reach out and let your people know how you’re doing…


Artist photo via Facebook

Produced by Austin Bianco
Mastered by Preston Cochran
Written by Jordan Lindley
Harmonica by Tyler Halverson
Art by Paige Mckellips

Jordan Lindley

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Jordan Lindley: where folk, alternative rock, and pop-punk collide. His vulnerable storytelling and addictive melodies are a front-row seat to a uniquely personal storm while remaining familiar enough to universally relate.” – bio

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