Jonathan Facka
16. May 2019 By Walter Price 0

Love A Tree Day VIDEO: JONATHAN FACKA (ft. Thalia Tymowski) – “The Tree”

Jonathan Facka – Streetlight in the Woods is available @ iTunes.

Jonathan Facka

by Walter Price


In honor of ‘Love a Tree Day’, singer-songwriter Jonathan Facka has released a heartfelt new single/video, “The Tree”. Joined by the incomparable Thalia Tymowski, the song laments on what could have been, lost love. “You disappeared, long ago,/Life has a funny way of taking us down a certain road.”, Facka he remembers the moments and the place his affections blossomed. “Should you need to find me/You know where I’ll be/When it all comes down you can meet me at, The Tree…”.

Facka explains the song’s intentions, β€œThis song was designed to take the mind on a journey and paint the image of a fantasy world, It’s symbolized by a tree that both of the individuals gravitated to in their youth. It represents missed opportunity, and also the fact that any chance of rekindling the relationship is dead, even if the idea is not forgotten.”

The beautifully directed/edited video for the single by Forrest Mason captures the colors and darkness of the track’s emotional journey. You can witness the film below. And you can find “The Tree” on Facka’s 2018 album, ‘Streetlight in the Woods’.

For fans of The Lightning Seeds, Passenger, Band of Horses.



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