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John David Kent’s Family Christmas

john david kentBy John David Kent


A few years ago, right around the time my wife and I were getting married, we decided it would be fun to make a Christmas album for our family and close friends.  Most of the songs were picked because of the personal meaning and connection they have to certain family members, etc.  I produced, recorded, played, and mixed everything in my studio, The Vault, in Celeste, TX.  My step-sons, Reed and Chas, also joined in on one of the tracks.  They were really young and I’m so glad we have those memories documented “on tape”.  They wanted to do “Rudolph” in the style of the band, Smash Mouth.  So we gave it the treatment, and my oldest step-son, Reed, is playing drums and singing lead, while his brother, Chas is singing the response part.  They were 5 and 9 when we recorded the album.  ‘m stoked they are both still playing music and we get to share the stage with one another from time to time.  My wife, Abra, sang lead on, “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”, and we sang a duet on a couple of songs.  The last track is a take on the poem, “Twas The Night Before Christmas”.  I was sitting at my Fender Rhodes keyboard and came up with the melody, using the words from the poem.  It’s a nice ending to the album.

We decided to put it on our website and share it with everyone this year.  It brings back so many great memories hearing those songs and hearing my kids when they were really little.  And we definitely look forward to doing another one one of these days.  Thanks for tuning in.  Blessing for 2015!

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Merry Christmas!