Joel Magid
13. October 2015 By Walter Price 0

Joel Magid Pyramids

Joel MagidCircle or square I’ll be right here the same…

by Walter Price


If you want to describe in words an album that is many elements mid-career Beck, Adam Green cheekiness held together with an addictive combination of everything from Brit pop, 60’s era rock, rockabilly nuisances, punk sensibilities and so many sweet far-flung elements in between you’d be better off just gathering your intended audience and play Joel Magid’s spectacular Pyramids.

This album is a romp of, a combination I suppose of the creator’s lengthy history in the music scenes culminating into a homegrown spectacle so layered and rich it will never be fully figured out which is cool. Every corner of Pyramids is new with intriguing surprises. Arrangements that crawl twist and tease with every listen. This is the sort of album, the kind of atmospheres that simply fascinate me.

Check out “Shame” from Pyramids and call your mates over for an impromptu drinks night and get bent to the sounds Joel Magid.


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article cover foto by Todd Walberg

video directed by Jess N Pierson.

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