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28. January 2015 By Walter Price 0

Jesus and Mary Chain ‘Psychocandy’ tour

“I think everybody thought we were a couple of wasters, and, to be honest, we probably were, jesus and mary chainWe thought, well, if we don’t do this now, we’re never going to do it.” – Jim Reid

by Walter Price


Sometimes the years pass and amount to decades turning to the hopes the stars will align and the anniversary of an album that sparked the darker edges of pop and a youth segment that couldn’t be bothered with that day-glo synchronized dance trappings of a past era.

Jesus and Mary Chain’s 1985 ‘Psychocandy’ proved seminal to a decade of jagged edged music fans. Influences an entire new genre or perhaps more and an army of sound-alike bands followed. Jim & William Reid, Phil King, Mark Crozer will be taking this, their debut, album out for a 30th anniversary trip around the globe. No word if the shows will be calmer affairs than with their start those many years ago…

Sometimes the stars truly do align indeed.


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Feb 16 – Liverpool
Feb 17 – Leeds
Feb 18 – Newcastle
Feb 19 – Edinburgh
Feb 21 – Norwich
Feb 22 – Nottingham
Feb 23 – Brighton
Feb 25 – Birmingham
Feb 26 – Bristol
Feb 27 – Cardiff
May 1 – Toronto, Ontario
May 3 – Detroit
May 5 – Chicago
May 7 – Dallas
May 9 – Austin
May 11 – Denver
May 13 – Vancouver
May 14 – Seattle
May 16 – San Francisco