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18. April 2020 By Walter Price 0

…had me going, VIDEO/SINGLE: JENNY JAM – Better Than You [David Bertolami, co-director]

Jenny JAM – Better Than You is available at Apple Music.

Jenny JAM

by Walter Price

Jenny JAM’s neo-soul single “Better Than You” will undoubtedly be a perfect addition to your Duffy, Macy Gray, and Amy Winehouse heavy playlist. But underneath the brazen thump and brass of this track is an empowering message. A personal message of breaking free from those inner strength-destroying relationships, a tale of fortitude and perseverance that will not only resonate but will linger as well.

The accompanying film has a lot going on, let’s see if my synopsis can give it the justice it deserves…Broken into chapters that represent different eras, not only in time but, seemingly, in the songwriter’s own life. The opening scene, a housewife is mustering the courage to escape a devastating relationship as she remembers the beauty of how the romance began. There’s the homage to Queen’s “I Want to Break Free”, and a powerfully emotional interpretive dance along with the imagery of the early to mid 20th Century that represents the suppression of women over time. And then the must-see final nightclub vignette, featuring a Musion 3D hologram. Imagery that lets you know that this woman has moved on with strength, love, and confidence all her own.

You can watch the Jenny JAM and David Bertolami directed film below, and don’t forget to share this one and add the track to that before mentioned playlist.

JENNY JAM Better Than You

Directed by Jenny JAM & David Bertolami
Edited by David Bertolami
Hologram by Musion 3D
Makeup by Annelise Sananikone
Choreography by Carpio J. Bernal
‘The Ex’ played by Chisom ‘Chiz’ Egwuatu

Produced by Ikuma Matsuda
Written by Jenny Jam, Ikuma Matsuda
Mixed by Josh Stevens
Mastered by Chris Gehringer

Sax by Jake Gross & Martyn Strange
Trombone by Duncan Hamilton
Trumpet by David Orchant

Jenny JAM

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“You can always take the positive out of the worst of experiences, as there is always a lesson – no matter how big the price to pay is”. – Jenny JAM

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